Transfer Pricing Contracts

Intercompany agreements or contracts are an essential part of transfer pricing documentation.  An intercompany agreement reflects arrangements which make commercial sense from the perspective of each participating company of a group.

Taxpayers are exposed to unnecessary tax audits, fines and penalties if the intercompany agreements are missing, or are defective.

Why is it important?

Intercompany agreements help to create a consistent picture of a group’s intercompany transactions for the current year and future years.

Intercompany agreements are used to support the external and internal audit of group entities.

Intercompany agreements ensure that intellectual property rights can be enforced and monetised appropriately.

How we can help.

Our legal partner has online tools which can help you create draft agreements for standard intercompany transactions by:

  • Creating fully bespoke agreements tailored to suit your business operations
  • Assising in the legal implementation of transfer pricing policies
  • Providing fast track intercompany agreements drafting services
  • Providing intercompany agreements toolkit which acts as an intercompany agreement template
  • Conducting online transfer pricing intercompany agreements courses catered for multinationals and transfer pricing professionals.