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Documentation and Compliance.

Why is it important?

Transfer Pricing Risk Reviews and Audits are a focus point of the Tax Authorities around the world as a result of the global focus on BEPS.

Tax Offices worldwide are honing in on transfer pricing and many businesses are found to have insufficient support for their cross-border prices. The absence of transfer pricing documentation provides tax authorities with a strong case to adjust a taxpayer’s transfer pricing arrangements. Without such documentation, it is more difficult to argue against any Tax Office adjustment.

    How can we help?

    We will work with you to document your company’s business and international related party transactions and the economic analysis of transactions.

    We will perform benchmarking and other analysis.

    The up to date transfer pricing documentation will assist in proactively defending your transfer pricing position in front of the Tax Authorities in the Asia Pacific region.

    We can assist with:

    • Global transfer pricing documentation
    • Master file
    • Local transfer pricing documentation
    • Regional transfer pricing documentation
    • Transfer Pricing documentation update


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