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It’s important to use the right professional for the right job with the right level of expertise. 

We’ve been operating as Transfer Pricing specialists for more than 10 years. Transfer Pricing is what we do. Whilst we are also accountants by trade, we operate solely in the TP space. We live and breathe TP. Which means we can help you best service your clients and ensure they remain confident that you’ll manage their tax obligations with their best interests at heart.

We are a boutique transfer pricing firm that partners with accounting and law firms, applying our experience and expertise in transfer pricing to provide, prepare, document and assist in defending your client’s international related party transactions.

We currently perform a significant amount of work for second tier/suburban accounting and law firms on a regular basis; those that have no experience with transfer pricing themselves but that want to service their clients and avoid your client using larger firms and potentially losing them.

We'd love to chat further. Please get in touch to discuss how Transfer Pricing Solutions can partner with your accounting or law firm to provide the most complete and comprehensive tax service to your clients.



I'm already an accountant. Why would I need a TP consultant?
What are our risks if TP is not done properly?
What experience do you have?
What industries are you skilled in?

I'm already an accountant. Why would I need a TP consultant?

Transfer Pricing is highly specialised. Unless you are a trained Transfer Pricing (TP) specialist you should not be managing your clients' TP requirements yourself.
You run the risk of not servicing your clients’ TP needs, missing crucial deadlines, and costing your client more money.
All our team members have dedicated experience in transfer pricing with world’s leading accounting firms. Our transfer pricing practitioners also have extensive experience in different jurisdictions including US, Europe, Malaysia and South East Asia, Australia and the rest of the Asia Pacific Region.

What are our risks if TP is not done properly?

The main risk associated with lack of transfer pricing planning and documentation is the potential transfer pricing adjustment due to mispricing, non compliance penalties and tax authorities deny of year-end or retrospective adjustments. This becomes a risk to you in maintaining your client relationships. Proper documentation or review of prices is recommended to successfully defend your position in front of the tax authorities. 

Our experience.

Our team has extensive experience in various areas of transfer pricing including:

  • transfer pricing planning
  • documentation requirements
  • planning and compliance related to Base Erosion and Profit shifting (BEPS) action plan
  • assisting in client risk reviews and audit defenses
  • advising effective international planning structures.

Industries we are skilled in.

We have expertise advising companies in most industries including:

  • financial institutions
  • pharmaceutical
  • software
  • resource sector
  • food and beverage companies
  • manufacturing and distribution
  • retail and services
  • fin tech / SAAS
  • asset management
  • commodities and trade